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5 Things You Should Never Buy New


Your wallet will thank you if you look to buy these five items used and you may never want to buy used again after you see the value in refurbished items.

1. Tools

Whether you plan to do a few jobs around the house or you work with tools for a living, you will find an abundance of name brand tools at a discounted price. Because most pawn shops only buy gently used items and try them before buying you can be guaranteed to get a great working tool at also a great cost.

2. Musical Instruments

“Generally speaking, basic instruments like guitars, drums, and wind instruments haven’t changed all that much over the years so if the item is in good condition and working properly, consider buying used to score a better price that doesn’t necessarily sacrifice the quality,” says Skirboll.

3. Jewelry

Why not refresh your style, including your jewelry accessories, and do it in a fashion that creates less waste.

4. Bikes

Bikes can take a hard hit on your wallet, but pawn shops can offer hidden gems like fitness equipment, sports gear, and bicycles. You can find bikes in like new condition that will take you far for far less cash.

5. Technology

Computers and game consoles are forever changing and they are hard to keep up with in our quickly growing tech field. This is all the more reason to buy used and save yourself some money.


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